Stretch & Balance Series

Your resource for unwinding

Stretch & Balance Series

 Your resource for unwinding

These videos were created to help you feel better in your day, both physically and emotionally. The balance videos specifically target poses that increase balance in your body which also help create focus in your mind. The stretch videos help you cool down your muscles after a workout or any form of physical activity, and the evening wind down routine will help you settle the mind and body after a long day which will help you get a better night sleep.

Lisa P

Nightly Wind Down Routine

26 Minutes · All Levels

This routine is a great way to settle down for the evening to help release stress and tension from your day and prepare you for a good night sleep.

Find Your Focus

23 Minutes · All Levels

This short Hatha based practise should be done before the Vinyasa balance practice in this series. Time is spent explaining the fundamentals of building balance in your body.

Balance Through Transitions

45 Minutes · All Levels

This Vinyasa practice challenges your balance by stacking poses one side at a time and encouraging you to pay attention to the movement between poses. This practice should be done after Find Your Focus in this series.

Post-Workout Stretch

40 Minutes · All Levels

This stretch class focuses on holding poses that will help stretch you out after a workout, or any physical activity that may have left you feeling tight or stiff. It can also be done if you are just looking for some long hold stretches for your body. This practice is accessible to all levels and can be done at any time of the day.
Optional Props: blocks & strap

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