I have been teaching at Be Yoga & Wellness for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this studio.  The teachers are wonderful and so are the students.  They bring such great energy to each and every class and the vibe in the entire studio is always a positive one.  It was the very first studio I connected to when I moved to Oakville and I remember walking in to it over two years ago, looking over at my partner, and telling him that I was going to teach there one day.  And here I am :).  So when of our co-op students asked if I would mind being featured on the studio’s blog, I completely jumped at the opportunity!  They are initiating a monthly Teacher Feature and I am pleased to announce that I am the featured teacher for the month of May.

For any of you interested in taking any of my classes at the studio, please check out my schedule.

Q: What classes do you teach at Be Yoga and Wellness?

I teach a variety of classes at Be such as, Hot Hatha I-II, Hot Vinyasa I, Hot Be Strong and Hot Yoga Cross.

Q: What is Hot Yoga Cross?

Hot Yoga Cross is a fusion of interval training, and cross training and yoga. It is a high intensity cardio infused workout in a hot yoga room on yoga mats.

Q:  What is your favourite style of yoga?

My favourite style of yoga Read More…

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach

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