I received a message from Erinn Weatherbie, co-founder of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, asking me if I would like to partner up with them for a Free Yoga in Your Snowpants event in Burlington. Let me begin by letting you know that I am NOT a winter person. I don’t ski, I don’t skate and you can be certain that you will never see me running or walking outdoors between the months of October and April! Let’s just say I am not a fan of the cold. But I am a person who believes in destiny and believes that everything happens for a reason so when I was asked to represent the City of Burlington with Kelly’s Bake Shoppe to teach an outdoor yoga class in the middle of City Hall Square in the dead of winter you can bet your boots I didn’t even hesitate to shout YES! I would be crazy to miss out on an amazing opportunity such as this.

Yoga, among so many other things, has taught me to learn to let go. Let go of the need to control, let go of worry, let go of expectations. No one has any control over Mother Nature so there’s no telling what type of weather she will give us on the day of this event. Given the mild winter we have had I am going to remain optimistic and hope for some sunshine and temperatures above zero. Regardless, I am not worried. I intend to teach a heart opening practice with lots of standing poses that will allow us to practice with love and gratitude and a heart full of warmth. I promise to make it a memorable practice for us all and I look forward to sharing this experience with so many of you.  Whether you bring your boots and snowpants or tights and runners, be sure to bring your mats and an open mind and heart.

See you on your mats!!!


Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach &
Yoga Instructor

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