You’ve changed your eating habits.  You’ve upped your exercise routine.  You’re doing everything the internet has told you that needs to be done yet you can’t seem to shed those last few pounds.  What is going on??  Other than the fact that this is the perfect part for a plug-in where I can tell you that now is the time to hire a lifestyle coach to help guide you (yes…ME! 😉 ), there are other factors that may be hindering your weight loss plan.

I have had this blog in draft since the beginning of the summer and haven’t been able to write it out.  Call it writer’s block or just plain laziness, but regardless, I found an article that is explaining exactly what I wanted to share with you guys.  Read this article on Body Rock TV to find out what you need to do to help get yourself to your goal without killing yourself!!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach

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