You’ll be happy to know that there are exercises out there you can do in 5 minutes which have plenty of benefits.  They are called “quickie” exercises and even though they are quick, doesn’t mean they don’t have any benefits…just think of other forms of quickies that can bring a smile to your face :)

Here are some exercises that Women’s Health magazine claims will do your body good on those days when you don’t have the time to fit in a complete workout.  Remember…5 minutes or less is better than nothing at all!

If you only have 1 minute…

Burpees or stair sprints.  Do it three times a week and you may increase aerobic endurance and lower blood pressure.

If you have 2 minutes…

Side planks.  1 minute per side.  Do this 3 times a week to significantly improve core strength, posture and balance.

If you have 3 minutes…

Light activity, like stretching (think a few yoga poses).  Compared with just doing nothing, simple exercises can instantly boost your mood.

If you have 4 minutes…

Tabata Intervals!!  One bout (any activity, 20 seconds maximum intensity with 10 seconds of rest and repeat 8 times) can DOUBLE your metabolic rate for the next 30 minutes.  Think burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks or even running on the spot!!.

If you have 5 minutes…

Steady running.  If performed daily, you will have up to a 45% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease than non-runners.

So whatever it is and depending on how much time you have, there are NO excuses.  Do something active EVERY single day.  You’ll feel and look better for it!!  Start now!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach

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