Do what scares you. I remind myself of this every time something comes along that my previous self would have shied away from. And you know what? The more I do things that scare me, the more alive I feel.

When Erinn Weatherbie of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe first asked me if I would be interested in teaching an outdoor yoga class I responded yes without even thinking twice. It wasn’t until it finally sank in that I realized what I had agreed to. Yes I know I teach yoga every day, so what’s to worry about right? Well, for this over achiever…there was a lot to think about! I had never taught outdoor yoga in the winter. So far, in my career, I have taught one outdoor class and it was by the lake, in the summer, to a private small group of women. This was definitely not going to be the same thing. Would people want to use their mats outside in the messy weather? Would people be wearing boots? Was it going to snow? (never in a million years was I worried about rain at the end of January!!) How many people were going to show up? Was I going to have a mic? How would I sound? Would there be music? What kind of poses would I teach given our environment? I could go on and on about the silly things that came surfacing to my mind every time I thought about teaching this class, but that would be missing the point.

I woke up bright and early Sunday morning…well it wasn’t quite bright ’cause I was up before the sun 🙂 . I just couldn’t sleep. I was filled with too much excitement to sleep. I went to my favourite spot in my home to meditate. A sense of calmness came over me and I knew right then I was ready. I had attempted to create more than one possible class plan throughout the week to give myself options of what to teach and when I went to look at my notes, I simply closed the book. There would be no plan. I was going to wing it. Just “go with the flow”, like I seem to be saying a lot these days. There are certain things in life you can’t really plan for and outdoor yoga at the end of January is one of them. I was just going to show up and be present and give everyone my best. That is the only thing I can control anyway so why worry about all the “what if’s?”

Erin Weatherbie and Kelly Childs

The day turned out great! We couldn’t have asked for better weather in January (it was a mild 10 degrees with a little drizzle throughout the day that only came down once while we were out there). Almost 50 brave souls came out with their mats to practice.

Some of my students showed up, for which I am eternally grateful, and many new faces, who I had never met before last Sunday, filled up the square. Both Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie practiced alongside the rest of the beautiful people who laid their mats in front of mine in the middle of Burlington City Hall Square.

It was a beautiful first experience for me, and from what I gathered from many of the students, a first for them as well. It was also a first for some of my closest loved ones. My partner, my son and my parents, before Sunday, had never seen me teach before. Having them come out and show their support and watch me do what I love was a very gratifying experience for me and them as well. My son even told me later that day that when my dad arrived at the square and saw all the people that had shown up to take the class, his eyes welled up with tears. Although my son found it odd (as any 12 year old boy would to see his grandfather get emotional), it made me smile. For years now, my dad has been asking me what I do for a living. If I’m going to find a job and what I plan to do with the rest of my life. I guess after Sunday he got his answer 😉 .

I once again want to thank Kelly and Erinn for granting me the pleasure of this experience. I also want to thank Lululemon Athletica Burlington for partnering up with Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for this event and gifting me with a beautiful jacket. A special shout out also goes to my home studio at Be Yoga & Wellness for supporting me not only with this event but from the very beginning of my teaching career. They opened their doors to me when no one else would and gave a new teacher a chance, and for that I am forever grateful.

None of this…and I mean NONE of this, would be possible without my life partner, my soul mate, Marques. Not only did he take all of the pictures you are seeing on this blog and all over my social media, but his continued support has enabled me to live out my passion and continues to give me the strength each and every day to go after my dream. Every time I think I can’t, he reminds me that I can. Thank you for believing in me more than I ever believed in myself.

Another “first” experience under my belt (or my mat) and I look ahead and embrace the many more firsts that will come my way. If I can take anything away from this experience it is to continue to believe in yourself. If it gives you butterflies and makes your heart race, go for it! Life is too short to wonder “what if”. Remember folks…you only regret the things you don’t do in life…everything else is just an experience. You decide whether or not to make it a good one.

With a heart full of love and gratitude,

Until next time,

Lisa Pisano
Lifestyle Coach &
Yoga Instructor

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