We are in the midst of an unprecedented situation and as such, this uncertainty can begin to create feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, fear and a whole host of emotions that trigger stress in our bodies. Take a breath. Pause. Focus on what you have right in front of you. What you are fearing and what you may be anxious about are things that have not yet happened. Do not let your worries get the best of you. Do not concern yourself with the “what if”. Let go of what you cannot control.

This is the ideal time to allow yourself to slow down. Take time to meditate. Take a walk. Read a good book. Reconnect with your family members. Do some yoga and keep your body moving. Movement is so important for our bodies. Sitting at home all day long watching the news or binge-watching Netflix is definitely not going to make you feel better in the long run. These can become addicting and may eventually add to the feelings of despair and desperation. Do things that are going to increase your heart rate and elevate your mood. Do more of the things you know are good for you. Good for your mind, your heart and soul, and of course, your body.

I am doing my part here at home to figure out ways I can do more for you. I have already released my FREEDOM 5 SERIES online yoga videos. If you haven’t already purchased these, it would be a great way to start or maintain your home yoga practice. These are home-made videos that I have recorded in the comfort of my own home or my local studio and have put all my heart and soul into. If you’re interested in purchasing this collection that will only be available for the next 30 days, you can send an e-transfer of $25CDN to info@lisapisano.com and you will, in turn, receive an email with the links and password to each of these videos which you will be able to access at your own convenience and watch as many times as you like.

I am also currently working with my web designer to create a library of online yoga videos that you will be able to access through a monthly membership. The intention is to start with a solid number of videos to keep you busy for the first month, and then to continuously add more content with each passing week so that your library continues to grow. The videos will be there for you with no expiration so that you can watch them when you so choose. The videos will be created based on what you ask for. I am looking for feedback and requests so that I can cater these videos to what each of you is looking for. The pre-registration link should be up and running here on my website by the end of this week. All you need to do until then, is make sure you register your email address so that you can be put on my mailing list and be notified of all the upcoming information.

I know things seem a little crazy right now. We do not know where things will be in a week or two, or even what changes may arise by tomorrow. All we have is right now. Focus on being in it. In this moment, as it exists, without allowing your thoughts to worry about what we do not know. The past is behind us. We can’t change what’s already happened. The future isn’t here yet so we can’t control what is to come. Just remember…this too shall pass.

Until next time,

Lisa Pisano


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